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Promotion! Ginger and lemon local Cambucha, made using Cambridge Organic produce


Picture of Arjuna Dry Goods

Grains, dried fruit, seeds and pulses from Arjuna Wholefoods.

Picture of Biona Essentials

For over 35 years Biona have specialised in high-quality, organic products.

We have chosen to stock some of the lines we consider 'essential', including pasta, pulses, tomato products and orange juice. Plus artichoke hearts because, why not?

Picture of Cambridge Mushrooms

Cambridge Mushrooms are based in the village of Coton just on the outskirts of Cambridge. Here in their polytunnels and mushroom shed they grow all their produce, including Shiitake, Pioppino, and three types of Oyster mushrooms, using the finest cultivation methods resulting in delicious food of the highest quality.

Picture of Hodmedods British Pulses and Grains

The really special thing about Hodmedods pulses and grains is that they are all grown in Britain, and quite often in the East Anglian region. These are all foods which were once a mainstay of the British diet, but have been marginalised by the commercial food industry. What they represent is a far more sustainable way of getting our protein: getting your potein from imported pulses, processed foods or meat is much less efficient. 

Picture of Priors Flour

The Priors Flour is milled at Fosters windmill in Swaffham Prior. Most of the grain comes from local farms and in particular the wholemeal and white flours are milled from wheat grown at Home Farm on the Wimpole Estate. Mills run by wind power are, of course, very good from a sustainability perspective.

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